The live event design process begins by establishing a strong
design concept to meet your organizational needs


We allow you to manage your workload and not become
overwhelmed by the details of a complex virtual production


We offer more than just webinars,
we partner with your team to provide solutions


“Events can take your guests on a journey. Make it unforgettable.”

Precon is the premier Special Event Design and Technical Production firm in the country with an emphasis on complex event design, conference management and technical production. Our events are designed to evoke a meaningful connection through face to face interaction that inspires lasting memories.

In the world of special events, there is no room for mistakes. The events are live, no commercial breaks and no timeouts. The Precon team comes together with a common goal; every detail must be perfect for every event, every time.


Precon understands that innovative booth design increases traffic allowing you to meet new prospects and communicate your message.

Our designers create unique exhibits that allows your brand to stand out from the sea of industry standard trade show booths.


By staying current on industry trends and embracing your project goals, Precon creates a look and feel that is appropriate for your event needs.

Our approach blends cutting edge technology with traditional staging and scenic elements making a lasting impression on your audience.


From the floorplans to the room renderings; from the lighting design to video content, we detail every aspect of an event’s design concept.

We work with our clients to understand the marketing, educational and branding objectives to provide a design that maximizes these overall goals.


“Great planners are not measured by the plans they make, but by the way they manage what was not planned.”

Precon becomes an extension of your organization by managing details of your project including creative content, show flow, scripting, logistics, staffing and production. We tie together the various details of your event for seamless project management allowing you to focus on your event goals.

Technical Production

For many clients, technical production details such as A/V, floorplans, power and rigging is a frustrating process. For others they want something innovative, but are uncertain of how to make it happen.

Our approach eliminates your stress by taking on all these areas of responsibility. We function as Technical Production Consultants and create a plan best suited to your event’s unique needs regardless of budget.


Precon’s Tradeshow and Exhibit Management department handles all aspects of the complex logistics associated with the tradeshow industry.

By managing the volumous paperwork associated with the tradeshow floor, our experts handle areas including material handling & drayage, shipping, labor and exhibitor services such as power and internet.


We understand what it takes to manage the countless details that go into the planning and execution of events.

Our staff includes experts in all areas of event production including network communication, safety & security, waste/sanitation, permits, parking/crowd control, material handling and agency coordination.

Breakout & Presentation Management

Precon deploys Breakout and Meeting Rooms for thousands of presentations across the globe. Tracking the ever changing needs for breakout sessions has become an artform for our Project Management team.

By maintaining a strategic alliance with a Presentation Management System partner, Precon streamlines the distribution, recording and archiving process reducing time and expense.


“Nothing is impossible. Our team helps you realize your dreams.”

As Technical Production Consultants we handle all aspects of an events production and technology coordination for clients around the globe.  Scheduling and managing event staff, performers, labor as well as all facets of technical production including audio, video and lighting streamlines the process. Our team includes some of the industry’s leading logistics managers, decorators, lighting designers, audio engineers, stage managers and other nationally recognized production professionals.


As strategic partners with some of the industries leading Meeting and Conference Planners, Precon handles the production aspects of annual events around the globe.

Our seasoned staff of Project Managers, Breakout Coordinators, Technical Directors and On-Site Technicians have overseen every aspect of conference production for audiences in the tens of thousands.

Galas & Award Banquets

At Precon, we believe in the power of events. Fundraising and development functions are the cornerstone for many associations and non-profits. We work to understand the long term goals of your organization allowing us to set priorities.

Our commitment to you is that we will manage all technical and logistical aspects of your event allowing you to focus on your sponsorship and fundraising goals.


Video production is one of the most effective tools to communicate your organizational message. From creative concept to final editing, our video production tells your story by making a connection with your audience.

In addition to creating pre-produced content such as graphics, animation and videos, Precon can elevate your event by incorporating multi screen projection, virtual reality, panoramic projections and the industries most
cutting edge video projection mapping.


Events can affect an audience like no other communication tool. Our Event Marketing strategies have unparalleled results for your brand identity.

We produce events that are designed to connect your brand and your audience inspiring lasting memories. Events such as user conference, product launches and hospitality receptions have become increasingly complex. By designing and producing these initiatives, Precon becomes your partner in corporate theater.

Featured Projects

“We partner to understand our clients needs and to design events best suited to realize their vision.”

  Because each event is uniquely different, Precon focuses on the needs of a project based on industry, project scope and overall goals.  For some clients fundraising or education are the most critical components. For others, branding and sponsorship take precedent.

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