Scenic and Room Design

Precon Approach:

We begin by understanding the technical and logistical needs of the program blended with a balanced set design. Our designers combine the communication and branding goals of the event to create captivating room designs. This combination of creative scenic elements with prominent organizational branding creates a lasting impression on guests.

The Goal:

Transform General Session meeting space of the National Conference for the American Council of Engineering Companies in the into a world class Engineering Excellence Awards Banquet in four hours.

The Plan:

Precon’s scenic designers and production staff worked closely to create a stage set that could be modified into an entirely new and distinct look for what is widely considered “the Academy Awards” of the engineering industry. To do so, we deployed some creative engineering of our own. At the onset of the event installation, a superstructure of approximately 500 linear feet of truss was installed to support two distinct scenic installations. By pre installing most of the lighting, and some of the scenic elements, a significant amount of the work was done days before the change-over minimizing the budget for additional labor. For the change over, stage hands quickly modified the scenic elements allowing for rehearsals to begin a mere 2 hours after the change over began. Within four hours, the room was set, the guests arrived and the program began. The most amazing feat of this magical transformation is that is occurs every year and despite the increasing complexity of the set design, the change-over seems to keep getting more efficient.
Close Turnkey Production Coordination