Turnkey Production Coordination Simone Green

Precon Approach:

Technical production for live events has become increasingly multifaceted, requiring extensive technical knowledge and a detailed project timeline. Our commitment to you is that we will design, manage and produce all technical and logistical aspects of your event, allowing you to focus on the rest of the event.

The Goal:

Washington DC based Friendship Public Charter Schools wanted to streamline their growing Special Events department. In order to reduce cost while increasing bandwidth for their growing event needs, Friendship wanted to source a partner in technical production. Their goal would be to have a technical production coordinator, who could become ingrained in their culture, staff and brand allowing for a more consistent and reliable approach to event production.

The Plan:

For the first event, Precon kept in place virtually all of the resources that the client used from previous events to determine what specific areas needed attention. It quickly became evident that Friendship had an extremely talented internal events department that was simply spread too thin. In an attempt to divide and conquer, Precon brought on a dedicated Project Manager. This person would oversee the technical production, including the creation of a production timelines, streamlining the vendor RFP process and coordinating of all vendors allowing Friendship’s internal events department to focus on the needs of the staff and students they support. The next challenge was to relieve the burden on the communications department by bringing in a script writer to work directly with the speakers to craft the message for the various audiences. To help speakers stay on script, we introduced the team to teleprompters, allowing for speakers to be more comfortable and confident while addressing an audience. Over the years, the design and production quality of the events has increased incrementally as Precon regularly introduces forward thinking technology, most recently the integration of social media into some of the events. Whether it is a press event, community outreach, internal meeting or a celebration, Precon and Friendship Public Charter Schools have become strategic partners for technical production and event design needs.
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