Conference Production Design

Precon Approach:

Partner with national and international organizations to understand their conference goals and to effectively communicate to their membership and sponsors. As part of this, we coordinate with planners and key stakeholders to deliver turnkey production and design services allowing for seamless results.

The Goal:

Update the look and feel for the General Session at the Newspaper Association of America Annual Conference for the next generation of members. Incorporate social media content from strategic media partners.

The Plan:

Inspired by the era of the news ticker, we created a high definition, digital news ticker. Designed with high definition LED panels, the ticker was prominently positioned on stage and used creatively throughout the conference. Graphics including streaming news updates from a list of media partners bookended all programs, while a series of contemporary graphics was used as speaker IDís and transition graphics. The cohesive design approach included a stylized stage set with subtle printed design elements that provided maximum branding impact. To keep the show fresh, live bands were brought in during plenary breaks while the set transitioned colors based on the various program changes.
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