Higher Education

Precon Approach:

Events managed within the field of higher education includes a vast range of functions. Those hosted by the student activities department are managed differently from an alumni fundraiser. Despite that, the overall approach is consistent; focus on the guest experience, understand the goals of the stakeholders and celebrate school pride.

The Goal:

As a leader in the field of technology and cybersecurity, The University of Maryland, University College wanted to host a series of events including multiple global town hall meetings and a Cybersecurity Gala, showcasing the caliber of education UMUC offers in the Cybersecurity space.

The Plan:

For the global Town Hall Meetings, Precon production engineers partnered with a leader in the field of international telecom to facilitate a bi-directional, live streaming solution that would be available on computers and mobile devices on four continents. To maintain an inclusive environment, the auditorium at the University headquarters was outfitted with a temporary television production infrastructure, allowing for testing and rehearsals before the live event. For the Cybersecurity Gala, a technical production and design team partnered with the numerous departments including Events, Marketing, Communications and the Office of the President, to create a cohesive look and feel that was replicated throughout the event. By coordinating with all aspects of the production, Precon was able to deliver a sophisticated function for a world class university. Over the years Precon has become a trusted partner with the University and is under a multi-year contract with the University System.
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